Kentucky Derby Online Betting:

It’s a huge thrill to feel as though we’re really part of the Kentucky Derby as a bettor, especially claiming your cash because you’ve chosen backed the winning horse. For majority of us, however, it’s just impossible to make it to Louisville, so Internet betting is the perfect alternative.

Types of Bets

If you’re a Kentucky Derby newbie, you can choose from three types of bets, whether you plan to bet online or on-site:


This is mostly self-explanatory – in order to to get paid, the horse you bet on has to win.


Winning this bet requires that your selected horse finish in the top 2.


To win this bet, your horse should finish the race at Number 1, Number 2 or Number 3.

How Payouts Are Determined

The size of a payout will be defined by two things – the amount of money that is currently in the pool, and the level of difficulty of winning. Of course, the biggest payouts are on the Win bets, and the lowest are on the Show bets.

Raising the Stakes

For a little more spice betting the Kentucky Derby though, try something now. Maybe you are very attracted to more than one horse but can’t select one. In such a case, try an EXACTA bet. This kind of bet basically forecasts which horses are going to finish first and second, and if you make a good prediction, you can win big. If you’re not certain you can get this right, you can box your bet and increase your odds. You will pay twice the amount for this, but either of your two selected horses can end in the top 2. If you trust yourself enough, place a TRIFECTA. This requires you to predict which horses will land first, second and third. Finally, you can go all the way with a SUPERFECTA, which requires forecasting which horses will win first, second, third and fourth.

Picking a Bet

There’s no need to be a pro handicapper when placing a Kentucky Derby bet. But definitely, the bigger your knowledge of the event, the more you can manipulate the results of your game. If you’re hardly an expert in handicapping but you are keen on winning a large sum, don’t feel tempted or pressured to bet as big as the other contenders. This is and will always be a game, so don’t act like your life depends on it. Just enjoy it and make the smartest bets you can based on what you know.

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